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TC Report 49

After last week's rather huge TC Report, will keep this one short, reporting on some topics that came up in the #openstack-tc IRC channel in the last week.

Interop Tests and Tempest Plugins

There's a review in process attempting to clarify testing for interop programs. It's somewhat stuck and needs additional input from any community members who are interested in or concerned about interop testing and tempest plugins.

For a bit more context there was some discussion on Wednesday,

Kata Containers

Today, OpenStack got a sibling project managed by the Foundation, Kata Containers (there's a press release). It provides a way of doing "extremely lightweight virtual machines" that can work within a container ecosystem (such as Kubernetes).

The expansion of the Foundation was talked about at the summit in Sydney, but having something happen this quickly was a bit of a surprise, leading to some questions in IRC today. Jonathan Bryce showed up to help answer them.

Turns out this was all above board, but some communication had been dropped.

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