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TC Report 18-16

This the 16th week of the year, meaning I've been making these reports for a full year. The first one was in the 17th week of 2017. The reports have changed quite a bit since then: Back then there was still a once weekly TC meeting. That's since been replaced by less formal office hours, three times a week. That's had mixed results, reflected in the tone and content of these reports. To some extent the decompression of TC activity has meant less drama, intensity and apparent depth in the reports. But it may also be the case that the TC hasn't done as much as it could or should.

With elections in progress, we could take advantage of this time to reflect on the role of the TC and work to make sure the next term is more active in shaping and sustaining OpenStack. At the time of this writing there are ten hours left if you would like to nominate yourself. Info on the election page.

There are nine candidates (so far) for seven slots. When nominations close, there will be a week of "campaigning". This is an opportunity for community members to question the candidates about any concerns.

(I'm running for reelection, you can read my nomination if you like. Please ask me any questions you may have.)

Leadership Shadowing

Last Wednesday there was some comparison between the Kubernetes and OpenStack styles of "growing new leaders". In Kubernetes there is a shadowing system that has mixed success, depending on the group.

Forum and Summit

On Thursday there was final discussion on submitting sessions to the forum.

Prior to the summit proper there will be a joint leadership meeting. Thierry has started a thread seeking topics that the community would like to see raised at that meeting. These meetings are the most significant formal engagement the TC has with the board throughout the year.

More on Kolla

Also on Thursday there was more discussion on how kolla-k8s might evolve.

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