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TC Report 18-28

With feature freeze approaching at the end of this month, it seems that people are busily working on getting-stuff-done so there is not vast amounts of TC discussion to report this week.

Actually that's not entirely true. There's quite a bit of interesting discussion in the logs but it ranges widely and resists summary. If you're a fast reader, it can be pretty straightforward to read the whole week.

Some highlights:

Contextualizing Change

The topics of sharing personal context, creating a new technical vision for OpenStack, and trying to breach the boundaries between the various OpenStack sub-projects flowed in amongst one another.

In a vast bit of background and perspective sharing, Zane provided his feelings on what OpenStack ought to be. While long, such things help provide much more context to understanding some of the issues. Reading such things can be effort, but they fill in blanks in understanding, even if you don't agree.

Meanwhile, and related, there are continued requests for nova to engage in orchestration, in large part because there's nothing else commonly available to do it and while that's true we can't serve people's needs well.

Some have said that the need for orchestration could in part be addressed by breaking down some of the boundaries between projects but which boundaries is unclear. Thierry says we should organize work based on objectives.

Goals of Health Tracking

In last week's report I drew a connection between the removal of diversity tags and the health tracker. This created some concern that there were going to be renewed evaluations of projects that would impact their standing in the community and that these evaluations were going to be too subjective.

While it is true that the health tracker is a subjective review of how a project is doing, the evaluation is a way to discover and act on opportunities to help a project, not punish it or give it a black mark.

It is important, however, that the TC is making an independent evaluation.

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