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TC Report 50

Several members of the TC were at KubeCon last week so there's been limited activity since the last report and, of what has happened, much of it is related to establishing productive relations with the Kubernetes community.

Coping with Strategic Contributions

One of the things that came out of the conversations that happened with the k8s community is that they too are struggling to deal with ensuring what ttx describes as strategic contributions: functionality that is of benefit to the entire community as opposed to features pushed upstream by corporations to enhance their position or visibility in the market.

There's some discussion of this on Thursday and some again Today (Tuesday).

I expressed some confusion about the term, as what's strategic is in the eye of the beholder and the executor, and a mind of a certain disposition tends towards thinking of strategic contributions as advancing nefarious gains, and clearly the happy world of open source would never be nefarious, so it must be corporations.

A positive outcome from the conversations last week is "...we'll push the respective corporate sponsors of our respective foundations to report 'how they contribute to the project'". An important distinction here from other attempts at encouraging long-term, of benefit to the entire community, contributions is that this would be human narrative, not numbers. Stories of the ways in which corporate sponsors have enabled lasting improvements.

Thursday afternoon's discussion had some additional details on how and why human curated information may be most useful for this kind of thing, but there are the usual constraints of "who will do that?"

Other KubeCon

There were also summaries from ttx and dhellman on a variety of additional topics from KubeCon in today's log. Some interesting points in there beyond strategic contributions, including:

There are going to be a lot of opportunities for learning and collaborating. I hope we'll see some further summaries (human narrative!) from the people who were there.

Stuck Reviews

There are a couple of governance reviews in progress that need input from the wider community. As things currently stand they are a bit stuck:

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